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Bad back, be gone!

September 22, 2016

Our backs take a lot of strain. Whether it’s hidden behind a desk at work or pulling our suitcases to the airport for our next adventure. Since we’ve only got one, it’s only fair to look after it. Which is why we were surprised to hear that 80% of people suffer from low back pain at least once in their lives and it’s also the leading cause of disability.

That’s where Lynne Robinson comes in. Remember the huge Pilates boom that took the UK by storm? Yep, that was her. Along with her husband, she runs an international Pilates education company. To date, training 1,400 people to teach Pilates, all over the world.


The Times newspaper has hailed her as “The Queen of Pilates”, now we understand why!

Before we began our Pilates class, Bhupal Chitnavis spoke to us about the science of back pain. Bhupal has tons of letters after his name, but for the purpose of this post he’s a very well regarded back surgeon. One thing he spoke about, that we found very interesting is the link between back pain and physiological factors. Such as anxiety and depression. One suggestion is that anxiety can increase muscle tension, and since the back contains lots of muscles that are known to tense during stress, this can lead to back pain. Depression can also cause a change in posture and the desire to partake in physical activity can also add strain to the back.

So, in 2009 the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence recommended that people with persistent, non-specific low back pain should be encouraged to stay physically active and exercise.  Which is when Lynne decided to launch the Back4Good programme. Essentially, a Pilates class that will give you a gentle, balanced workout with the focus on strengthening the core abdominals that do so much for your posture and for supporting your back. Enabling you to manage your back pain without intrusive treatments, and correct bad habits.


We had more than one, we had to!

We were guided through a 45 minute Back4Good class, and indeed it was very gentle. With lots of focus on the quality of small movements, our minds never strayed from the room as we concentrated on articulating our backs, and thinking about body awareness. It’s amazing how the smallest movements can make the biggest difference. As the movements were slow with lots of emphasis on the breath, we also found it very relaxing and you could feel your back loosen under the chilled atmosphere.


We were able to see how after even a couple of months of the Back4Good classes, your back pain could be managed and relieved considerably. One thing we admire highly, is the way Lynne can help people take it upon themselves to solve their back problems in a proactive and positive way.  If you need any more information or need to inquire about classes, check them out here.