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Feeling guilty after eating a treat?

March 25, 2016

Nod your head if you have ever felt guilty after eating. I mean really guilty?

Let’s go back a couple years. I was becoming interested in health and fitness, and then the #cleaneating craze arrives. Complete with its distinct lack of anything sugary! Suddenly, social media was full of ripped torsos telling us that the only way to reach these results, was to eat clean. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty damn seductive. Brands were working hard to get us involved. Eat clean, get hot. Apparently.

Admittedly, I bought into these images. I was easily influenced, and honestly; a little bit insecure. So I believed that the only way to be healthy was to eat clean every single day, and that’s where the guilt began.

In my head a list of “good” and “bad” foods started growing, and I would always beat myself up when I caved in to something on the latter list. The problem was that a lot of “bad” foods make me feel really GOOD!  On the days that I did give in, I would bully myself about it and consider it a fail. This happened, constantly. But it only happened because I was restricting myself.

Our culture is dominated by food, and soon it began affecting every area of my life. I stopped looking forward to social occasions such as birthday parties, just because I knew that I would eat lots of yummy things and then spend the next day feeling bad about it. Which simply wasn’t healthy.

It took me a long time of constantly battling guilt to finally break the cycle and realise something; YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE FOR ENJOYING A TREAT. This is coming from the person with the largest sweet tooth in London. Enjoy them! Celebrate them! But then move on.


At this time of year, everyone deserves to enjoy treats guilt free!

The key to a healthy body is balance and moderation. This needs to be emphasised more often because a lot of people are more concerned with their aesthetic body more than their mental health. So, if you find yourself travelling around in cycles of guilt, it’s time to look after your mind as well. The question is, if you exercise regularly and eat well most of the time what’s so bad about treating yourself? Nothing.

Here are some tips for kicking guilts ass:

1: Write a food plan and work your little treats in sensibly. Include social occasions. Once you have them scheduled, you won’t be straying.

2: Give yourself the same advice that you would give to your best friend, you will be much kinder and rightly so.

3: The slice of birthday cake, the chocolate pudding at dinner or a lazy day takeaway. These are parts of LIVING. So let go of the guilt, and celebrate the treats that we are blessed to enjoy!

I’ve began combating the feelings of guilt by becoming more focused on my training. Learning to train and eat treats all in moderation. So once you see what your body is capable of, you can live your life to the fullest. Guilt free!

Yana x x x

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