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A break does not mean that you’re quitting…

May 24, 2017

We’ve been a little quiet recently haven’t we?! Although a break was definitely needed for the both of us we have missed our SeekNPlay lovechild and can confirm that we are back to our usual blogging selves!

‘I deleted Instagram and Twitter off my phone… it felt great.’ Yana

The two of us have faced challenges in our professional and personal lives recently and when a balance couldn’t be achieved we knew a step back was 100% necessary. Being busy seems to be fashionable in the bogging community (or maybe just who we follow) the pressure of always appearing to have so much fun on a daily basis as well as having a variety of exciting projects on the go at once. The use of social media seems like it’s at an all time high, with everyone quick to share photos and videos of their ‘amazing’ lives at a click of a button. Trying not to compare your life to others has been a struggle that we have faced on numerous occasions and will probably continue to experience. We aren’t the only ones that find it all exhausting at times, right?!

‘When I’m feeling low, social media is a no go zone, it always makes me feel worse.’ Beca

A little break gave us time to focus on getting other things in order (interesting blog posts coming your way!) and to remind ourselves of why we started the blog in the first place. We started SeekNPlay because we wanted somewhere to share our findings, thoughts and ideas. A place also to practice our creativity and inspire others to try things out, without fear. Once we started our blog, it opened up a lot of opportunities for us, all of which we are still very grateful for; new friends were made, new memories created and more hilarious stories added to our ever growing Yana and Beca collection.

After we ignored our blogger’s fear of being forgotten about we embraced the time out. It’s allowed us to step back and view things from afar before re-entering with fresh ideas, a renewed energy and positive approach. So if you’re spinning numerous plates like us and want to feel some control again, whether that being in a creative project, a relationship or even in your job, we urge you to step back. And breathe. It works trust us. A break does not mean that you’re quitting it’s an active way in taking back control of your life.

Thank you for reading.

Beca & Yana

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