That’s a Wrap February

March 1, 2017
Photograph by Chloe Knott

It is safe to say that February has flown by and not because there are less days in the month. The year feels like it’s jumped into third gear and about to hit the fast lane. We are back with our round up of the past month; we think this is a great way to look back and see all the new memories created.

So here we go…

February Social Highlight/s…

Beca: I visited Borough Market for the very first time and went food crazy, especially at the fish counter when, ‘Half Price Fish!’ was being yelled; check out my Instagram to see our tasty fish dish.

This month I Visited the Royal Festival Hall to watch the Philharmonia Orchestra play all the music from the films directed by Steven Spielberg. Absolutely spectacular!

Lastly, SeekNPlay had some pictures taken by Chloe Knott which have been included in this post. Thank you Chloe!

Yana: I went speed dating with a group of friends which was a pretty interesting experience. Once the cocktails were flowing, everyone was relaxed and we had such a good time. Better than Tinder!

Favourite Film…

Yana: The film of the month for me was Fences, I went on a date and embarrassingly was a blubbering, snotty mess by the end! It’s utterly sublime, and harrowing at the same time!

Beca: Lion staring Dev Patel and the adorable Sunny Pawar. Based on a true story, the film is about a young boy who gets lost on a train that takes him thousands of miles across India, away from everything that he knows. We see how he fights to survive. Such a beautiful story but tissues are needed when watching this film.

Giving up anything for Lent?

Beca: Chocolate! Including anything chocolate flavoured- there will be no cheating. I have never done this before and want the challenge. It really won’t be easy for me as I love chocolate so much, and eat it most days, I am feeling slightly addicted. Let’s see how long I can do, wish me luck.

Yana: I’m not giving up anything for lent as I’m halfway through a month of no sugar or alcohol. I’m not sure I can take much more.

Biggest challenge that you faced in February…

Yana: As I said, no sugar or alcohol has been a huge test for me. It’s showing me how much I rely on sugar when I’m feeling tired or overwhelmed.

Beca: I had an audition for a new writing project this month, a great opportunity and I really wanted it. Sadly I didn’t get it, which is fine as that’s life. But my biggest challenge was how nervous I suddenly felt whilst doing my monologue. Maybe as it was my first one for a while , I know for next time to prepare better and really know my sh**.

Which Blogger/ Youtuber have you been following and enjoying this month

Beca: Hello October by Suzie Bonaldi, a Blogger and Vlogger who comes across really charismatic and just overall lovely in her videos. She covers everything from beauty and fashion, to travelling and special events.

Yana: I’m absolutely obsessed with Grace Victory, she’s so relatable and I think that’s what we miss from the YouTube world. Her honesty is hilarious and inspires me to just do whatever I want.


Funniest moment witnessed 

Yana: I can’t think of one!

Beca: I can…Pancake day! Yana taking the role of chef for pancake day was flipping her pancake which shot up so quickly that it hit her in the face, shocked Yana who then did a chest pump and then the pancake landed back on to the frying pan. Priceless!

Best buy?

Beca: Needed a new jumper but went for something brighter, I bough bright yellow jumper from Topshop (seen in our picture above) and also tie up choker which I can’t stop wearing.

Yana: This month I’ve been pretty frugal about spending. In fact, I decided to take control of my finances this year and had a meeting at my bank last week. It was more a chat about how to save wisely and budgeting. When I arrived I felt like an irresponsible child with a horrendous spending habit. I feel really uncomfortable talking about money, but sitting down and talking to a professional about my finances made me feel more in control.

Goals for March…

Yana: This month I’ll be packing up my life to go on tour in a show for 7 months. So I’ll be trying to not have a nervous breakdown whilst putting my belongings into storage perhaps?! 

Beca: 1) Attend an acting class 2) Attend the gym at least 4 times a week, as I want to feel great in my body for summer 3) More blogging!


We would love to hear your answers to the questions, comment below.

Thank you for reading.

B & Y


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