I quit the gym!

January 22, 2017

Yep, you heard it. I was bored. I can’t quite put my finger on why but like a relationship that has turned sour, the spark has just disappeared. Gym sessions used to be the highlight of my week, they would be scheduled into my diary like date nights. When the boredom started to appear, I tried desperately to shake it up a bit by re-inventing my routine in the hope that something would work. From attending classes to trying the leg day/shoulder day/bum day format. Nothing worked, it just wasn’t fun anymore.

So I broke up with the gym (and my boyfriend but that’s a story for a different day), and the search began. Singledom didn’t last very long as I was lucky enough to discover Swift Fitness. A bootcamp class that utilises some of the lovely outdoor spaces that London has to offer.

The word ‘Bootcamp’ usually makes people think of military style, brutal workouts but this isn’t the case with Swift. They’ve injected the fun back into it and of course it’s tough, but I have never had so much fun whilst working out. Using body-weight and working in pairs for strength work, the 45 minuite-1 hour classes burns on average 600 calories. However, the endorphin high at the end makes it all worth it.

The bootcamps like I said, take place all over London. The location closest to me is Clapham Common where Wireless Bootcamps are the most popular. Think silent disco, you wear headphones linked to your instructors microphone and a banging playlist. Which is great for getting you in the zone and working your hardest!

Be prepared to get muddy!

Be prepared to get muddy!


I spoke to another girl who attends, and she made a very good point. Lots of us don’t spend enough time outdoors. Unfortunately, sometimes the most fresh air I get is the walk to the tube station on my morning commute! I’m a natural nature lover, so it’s refreshing to be out in the open with mud on my hands and the occasional leaf in my hair! A far cry from the confines of a crowded gym and so far, I’m loving it.

So if you’ve been stuck in a rut like I was, stay positive and adjust until you find the fun again.

Yana x x x x


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