Singhs. An Indian Treasure in the Midlands.

December 4, 2016

Who else orders excatly the same thing, every time they have an Indian? It can’t be just me! So when I was invited to Singhs in Nottingham, I had no excuse not to experiment.

The restaurant ran by Mr Singh and his sons Lakh and Kieran is newly renovated. According to those who have visited previously, it’s undergone a quite the transformation. The colours are vivid and rich, the lights dimmed and the waiters are in traditional dress.  The decor isn’t the only thing that has seen a change, the menu has been switched up too.  It’s varied and diverse, with a lengthy selection for vegetarians.

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So first up were the appetisers. Traditional onion bhaji, Tandooried cod loin and Taranga Chicken Tikkia. The definite favourite was the Bhakra Champ (Lamb chops), the chops are sourced from Shropshire and the recipe being Mr Singhs secret! The meat is cooked to absolute perfection in every dish,  I wish I could cook!

For me, the main course winner at  Singhs is the Kashmiri Karahi Chicken. Also known as, the proper korma. If you’re a fan of the usual Korma, this one is head and shoulders above it. It’s finished with red bell peppers and onions to give it a kick. All the main dishes, have been given a twist which makes them unique to the restaurant. You feel so confident about trying something new because Lakh and Kieran both know lots about the history of the foods and can recommend beverages that compliment the food well. It’s truly cared about. They even use their Grandmas recipe in one of the curries!

If you would like to learn more of the restaurant or would like to book a reservation, click here.

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Market St, Nottingham NG1 6HW, UK

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