Bootcamp Pilates- The new Shoreditch Studio

November 20, 2016

Our first wonderful introduction to Bootcamp Pilates

Many venues make up the Bootcamp Pilates family, and we were invited down to the studio in Shoreditch to be put through our paces. Yana first tried Reformer Pilates at the beginning of the year, but Beca was attending as an absolute beginner; eager to see why so many of bloggers rave  about it. Looking around at the group, it was obvious that many people had done it before.

The Shoreditch studio is small and intimate. Fitting just 9 reformers this allows the instructor to work with each student, ensuring the correct form and technique is being practised. Both of us loved this as the class feel was very personal and easy to follow the progression from exercise to exercise.



Now if you have never heard of Reformer Pilates, here’s a quick history! Rather than mats, Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes involve exercising on Reformer machines- based on a century-old invention by Joseph Pilates himself. Imprisoned in a First World War camp, Mr Pilates wanted to help bedridden fellow inmates to keep their muscles moving and to stop them wasting away. Using patients’ hospital beds and bedsprings, plus any materials he could lay his hands on, he created a clever system of springs, straps and pulleys – enabling resistance exercise while lying down.  At first the reformer can look slightly intimidating, resembling more like a torture bed rather than something to assist a workout. But we were assured that if we got stuck, help was close by.

Lucy (who is an amazing teacher), guided the class through the workout confidently which made us feel instantly at ease.Working through the whole body,engaging the core and balance, we found our strength was majorly tested. Reformer Pilates is the kind of workout that calls on every muscle within, especially upon the ones you never knew you had. The class moves fluidly from exercise to exercise, each time changing the springs to alter the resistance level accordingly. One us did cause a crash, bang, wollop by falling off, but can you guess who? Keep reading to find out.

“Although falling off and creating a loud crash (see photo that captured the delightful moment). I got back up and continued on. Lucy was kind enough to quietly check in to make sure I was ok, which was really appreciated. Despite the fall, I think I’ve found my favourite workout so far. Apart from the fact that every muscle in my body felt worked, it was a challenge that felt amazing to achieve. I never thought I had the strength to achieve a push up on the Reformer whilst keeping one leg raised in the air, I do now. ” Beca


Apart from Shoreditch, Bootcamp Pilates also have studios in Notting Hill, Fulham, Richmond and Windsor. We have already planned our next visit but to the Fulham Studio as it is the closest to us. They’ve got a pretty sweet deal for new clients too.



Bootcamp Pilates really can offer you that ultimate workout and taken from their website, we also believe that… ‘it’s simply the best, fastest and safest way to transform your posture, strength and shape.’

Thank you for reading.

B & Y

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