Filling up at The Ripe Kitchen

August 6, 2016

We love being recommended great places to eat, gems are hidden all over London and it’s almost impossible to keep up with them all! Our friend Andrew is always shooting must-visit places to us. Quite literally a walking encyclopedia of eateries in London!

We were attending a workout on Primrose Hill at noon, and were at a loss of what to do beforehand. So we settled with the most obvious option, brunch. One little spot that Andrew had recommended was nearby, so we had no excuse but to fill our boots.

Tucked away on Regents Park Road, (cue massive property envy) is the Ripe Kitchen. Surrounded by rows of beautiful houses and small independent shops, we visited on a slow Sunday morning when only a few people (and some pretty cute dogs) strolled the colourful street.

The cafe itself is quite small and quaint. However as the sun had his hat on, we decided to sit outside and enjoy. One thing we were happy to learn about the Ripe Kitchen, is that most ingredients are sourced locally. The freshly baked bread comes from North-West London, and the coffee beans are roasted in the East.

The menu though small, is inclusive of most dietary requirements. Accommodating for vegans, gluten free and dairy free without compromising on taste. The salads and sandwiches looked lovely, but we both went for the build-your-own breakfast. You choose a base, such as chia pudding, yogurt or porridge, and add toppings as you please.

Beca enjoyed her greek yogurt, with acai berry jam, granola and blueberries. She also chose a spinach muffin. It was quite dry and bland, so maybe spinach just doesn’t go well in a muffin. Worth a try at least! I threw banana and granola over a big bowl of porridge. Fear not all the big eaters out there, you won’t be disappointed by the portion sizes. For once, I couldn’t finish my food!

The Ripe Kitchen is pleasant, but I wouldn’t say that it’s memorable. It’s a safe choice, but unfortunately there’s nothing on the menu that makes you rush to make your order. Saying that, we can only speak on behalf of the breakfast menu and will pop by for lunch too. Our brunch came to just under £20 for two of us, which was way less than I had expected considering the location and the quality of the ingredients.


It’s ideal for a quick, convenient stop in a beautiful, faultless location. If you decide to visit the Ripe Kitchen, definitely team it with a visit to Primrose Hill. Climb to the top and enjoy the beautiful view of London. With a full, contented tummy of course.

Yana x x

136 Regents Park Road
Primrose Hill
NW1 8Xl


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