Polar A360 – Tried and Tested

June 19, 2016

Activity trackers. There are so many on the market now, that it’s hard to figure out which one is worth forking out for. You can read all the reviews and watch all the youtube videos you like, but there’s nothing quite like having an opportunity to experience it for yourself. So when Polar invited us to check out the A360, we wanted to see if it lived up to the hype!

We joined Polar at Third Space London. Truthfully, if heaven has a gym then Third Space is what it looks like. Our HIIT workout was lead by Davina McCall and her hilarious trainer Ed. We giggled our way through burpees, jumps and lunges whilst being able to monitor our performance on the watches.

Weeks later, we have been using the tracker every day and can honestly say it’s the best tracker that we’ve owned. What’s particularly motivating about the watch is that you can set yourself a goal based on your lifestyle and job. Which means if we have to walk to work instead of catching the bus to achieve the goal, so be it. It’s added motivation that pushes you the extra mile.

Things we love about the Polar A360:

  • The Sleep monitoring feature allows you to see just how much rest you are REALLY getting. Big reality check.
  • The heart rate monitor is built in, meaning no restrictive chest band.
  • Quick connection to Polar app, making monitoring your progress and workouts super easy.
  • Streamline and comfortable, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it.
  • It sends you a notification when you have been still for too long (Like it just did, writing this blog post!).
  • Calorie expenditure is easy to monitor, so if you want to add calories or create a deficit its a great tool.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Polar to anyone on the lookout for an activity tracker, its not just great for people involved in fitness but a great daily monitor too.


Sweaty but smiling!


Do you use an activity tracker? If so, what do you think of them?


P.S. All opinions are our own,and our honesty would never be compromised by freebies, money etc.

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