Power Plating at Good Vibes Studio Covent Garden

May 23, 2016

You know those funny looking, vibrating platform things that sit neglected at the gym? They’re called Power Plates and like many others, we had little idea of how to use them effectively.

Until recently! We were invited down to the Good Vibes studio in central London to get the low down on the machines that everyone needs to incorporate into their workouts.

The theme for the masterclass was: Running. How to warm-up, prep and recover efficiently. We were put in the safe hands of Steve Powell, a Power Plate guru who really knows his stuff.

Running Recovery 17

Steve the genius. Explaining the importance of mobilising the big toe. Who knew?!

So how can a Power Plate improve my running?

It increases activation, blood-flow and circulation in the muscles as the vibrations replicate the stimulus of the foot hitting the floor. It moves 25-50 times a second so it engages the muscles consistently and works you harder.

We began warming up our Plantar Facia, the underneath of our feet. Hello foot massage! Moving up through the body into a calf stretch. Steve reminds us of the importance of stretching three dimensionally (Give it a google, it’s hard to explain!) The fundamental thing is to stretch in the all directions your muscles will be moving, which are up/down, side to side and diagonally.

Now, all the stretches you can do yourself against a wall can be upgraded to the plate, which works magic to enhance them all. It was particularly effective for releasing tight hip flexors, which admittedly can be a result of poor posture.

Personally, we know that we can get neglect stretching after running or working out. We find ourselves holding stretches for the sake of it, just because it’s what we’ve been taught. Without knowing what the stretch does or without feeling any benefit so this class was a definite education in how to look after our bodies correctly.

Running Recovery 19

Stretching those glutes!

We ended the session with a calf massage, lying on the floor with our legs on the plate. It felt like a dream and was absolutely hilarious. Picture six ladies on the floor giggling like schoolgirls at the word ‘Vibrate’. The Good Vibes studio also offer a full body workout on the Power Plate, full of squats, crunches and lunges to help you tone and strengthen quickly. We are thinking of returning for this class, so if you want to come along just let us know!

Thank you Steve for putting up with the jokes! And to Good Vibes Studio for having us.


Good Vibes Studio

14-16 Betterton St






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