A workout of a different kind. FaceGym Pro @ Harrods.

May 21, 2016

FaceGym is the UK’s original workout for the face, and this week they introduced us to its new beauty gadget. Described as a ‘no make-up contour’ this sounded great, as whilst Becca is an amazing make-up wizard, I can barely shape an eyebrow. (Becca’s currently in San Diego, lucky thing!).

The device is marketed as a non-invasive face lift. So admittedly I had my reservations to begin with. I still get asked for ID regularly and haven’t decided how I feel about anti-aging procedures yet. Our skin does bear the brunt of our lifestyles though. Sometimes fighting pollution, stress and lack of sleep head on. I’m beginning to look at new ways to keep my skin looking fresh, so threw caution to the wind.


“Cheek sculpting, jaw defining, neck sculpting and forehead lifting”

Using different motions of movement, the FaceGym Pro applies a mild but forceful electric muscle stimulation through the facial muscles. The beautician talked me through the movement, which are as simple as brush strokes. Lifting, sculpting and plumping. So it’s easy peasy to use and as you only spend 5 minutes on each side of your face, its great for those who have little time to spend preening.

As a person with an incredibly low pain threshold, I was secretly terrified that the treatment would hurt, but it didn’t cause any discomfort. It’s hard to explain the feeling, but it was a sort of pulsing throughout the muscles and actually very relaxing. I was sad when the treatment was finished!

Did it work?

Definitely. My skin is a lot tighter and because my treatment focused on plumping my skin, it’s so much smoother than usual. I also had the treatment done on a Friday evening, after a long week at work and it was obvious how much brighter my skin appeared. Removing the look of slight fatigue, I can’t complain one bit!

Yana x x


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