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April 29, 2016

Psycle has been high up on our fitness bucket list for a long time. All over social media fitness fanatics are raving about this spinning studio so naturally we wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Our SeekNPlay wish came true when we were invited by Pscyle to try out one of their famous classes. We couldn’t contain our excitement and booked in straight away.

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Canary Wharf External Entrance

The studio is lucky enough to have two permanent locations at Canary Wharf and Mortimer Street. Plus a pop-up at Selfridges which is open until May 22nd. We headed to the Canary Wharf venue to get our sweat on. First impressions of Psycle are that it is like walking into a futuristic universe. Big fans of the simple bright decor,  The vibe in the studio is really positive, and the staff were forgiving of the fact that we still don’t fully understand how cleats work.

We entered into a seemingly normal spinning class before our instructor Kate Knight bursts into the room with bundles of energy, switches on the flashing lights and presses play, booming out Beyoncé’s fierce tune ‘Formation’. What we need to know is, can Kate come to every workout we do? There is no way you can avoid being motivated when you’re around her. She gives it her all, whilst constantly encouraging you. Kate’s energy is so infectious the whole room was buzzing. She was also helpful when Beca got leg cramp half way through, but we’ll talk about that later! In an instant, the hump-day fatigue starts to fade away and you just start to ride…

Unlike a lot of spinning classes that we have attended, Psycle pride themselves on giving you a full body workout. After the warm up, we hit the upper body; press ups, dips, weighted biceps and triceps. This didn’t just work our arms but also our co-ordination too. All of these things are easy on the ground, but keeping your legs moving to the beat at the same time is a different thing altogether.

A lot of people dismiss spinning classes as they fear that their thighs will become big and muscular, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Psycle jazz up their classes by throwing in an upper body and abs workout too. However, both us did feel that the class could have more variation. The tempo of all the songs were quite fast, and it could have been afforded to slow them down at certain points and really rack up the resistance. Just to focus on building strength in the legs a bit more.

As self-confessed dance floor addicts, our workout playlists are one of the most important factors for motivation. Psycle know that music is key for a lot of people and purposely choose playlists based on positivity, energy and emotion that you can get lost in.

“Our mission is to inspire people to lead vibrant, energetic and happy lives”  Pscyle 

Reading an interview with CEO Rhian Stephenson, she talks about the people who write in to thank the team for helping them through difficult emotional experiences. It’s clear why. Before hitting a tough part of the workout, Kate tells us to close our eyes and cycle to the beat of Sia’s ‘Unstoppable’. Give it a listen, because its makes you feel indestructible.


YES LET’S DO THIS! We want this on the wall in our house.

Beca’s thoughts: It has got to be said that Psycle have definitely got something special going on. Yes the facilities are fantastic, but what makes this a really great workout is the energy of the instructor, Kate was outstanding and if all the other instructors give as good as her, well then, I want to attend every class, every day! 

Yana’s thoughts: Psycle’s mission is exactly what we are striving for with SeekNPlay. Exercise comes hand in hand with mental wellbeing and positivity, so it’s about time that we are incorporating more of that beyond the realms of Yoga or Pilates. 


All smiles before & after

A big big thank you to the fantastic Psycle team for having us, we will be seeing you again very soon! If you are after a good workout, infectious energy, and a full mental pick me up, head down to Psycle now and try them out. You will not be disappointed we promise!

B & Y x x x


Crossrail Place,
Level -2,
London, E14 5LQ

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