Creative Planning & Eating at Hally’s

April 26, 2016

We’re facing a busy week here at the SeekNPlay camp, so we thought we would visit a new hangout joint whilst plotting and planning. Beca suggested that we check out Hally’s in Parsons Green after noticing them on social media so off we trotted for a late lunch.


Hally’s Bar

Hally’s has a really relaxed vibe, with exposed brick-work and reclaimed wood, it is bang on trend. With the owners being inspired by their road trip around California, their focus is set on sourcing great fresh food and being bold with flavours. We also heard they do cake, perfect.

If you are like us and you get excited by the prospect of food and enjoy checking out the menu beforehand, then prepare for it to be different upon arrival. We learnt that the menu changes every week! Great if you are local to the area but we had picked some splendid dishes beforehand, only to find that they weren’t included on the menu that day. Cue a rethink! However, the menu is hugely varied, something delicious will scream out at you. Colourful salads to big juicy burgers means that Hally’s is suitable for whatever type of day you’re having, and whoever you want to take along. Everyone is catered for!

A toasted bagel with Dorset crab and Avocado was Yana’s choosing. Offering the perfect combination of healthy fats, proteins and carbs to refuel after a run earlier in the day. Beca went for, the Rosemary & lemon grilled chicken sandwich, with avocado, caramelised onion, rocket, adding the halloumi as a side. Both of our portions were enormous in true American style. Although Beca struggled with her grilled chicken sandwich, Yana wasn’t going to lose a battle to a bagel. No matter the size of your main, there’s always room for cake! This undoubtedly became the best bit about Hally’s. The Raspberry and white chocolate brownie was a definite winner.


The Day’s Menu & The Mouthwatering Brownie

Yana’s thoughts: As a massive fan of seafood, I usually expect the portion to be quite small due to the price it usually costs. However, I was happy to see how generous the portions are! If you know you might want a little privacy whilst dining, ask for a single table. Else you’ll be seated at a lengthy canteen-style table. We didn’t have a problem with that, but a heads up if you’re sharing secrets with a girlfriend.



Beca’s thoughts: Hally’s is extremely chilled surprisingly how busy it was when we arrived. I enjoyed my grilled chicken sandwich, however I felt there could have been a smidge more caramelised onions as it was verging on the dry side. The Halloumi sticks… these were amazing, could have ordered another round. Being a massive brownie fan, I have high standards, Hally’s Raspberry and white chocolate brownie has got to be one of the best I have tried. Rich, moist (hate that word but it was) and flavoursome. There I’ve said it… I guess you’re just going to have to check it out for yourself and see if you agree!

If you’re in the area, give Hally’s a visit and let us know what you think.

B & Y x x x


60 New Kings Road



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