Reshape With 1REBEL

March 11, 2016


1Rebel credits itself with ‘revolutionising the fitness industry’ and yes it’s doing just that! That is why we were desperate to visit one of their gyms and experience a 1Rebel class. 

They are spread over two locations, St Marys Axe and Broadgate. One of the best things about 1Rebel is the pay-as-you-train, no strings-attached contract, allowing you to pick and choose when you want to go. Ending that guilty feeling of not using your expensive gym membership.

Booking into a 18.15 class, we arrived early, admittedly just to try out one of their much talked about smoothies. All are freshly made in front of you, and as predicted tasted divine. You can also pre-order one to enjoy after your workout… but there was no way we could wait. After much deliberation we both chose Pierre which included; vanilla protein, a banana, peanut butter, sesame seeds with coconut water (Becca) and almond milk (Yana).


The entire gym is sleek and gorgeous, which adds to the experience of attending a boutique gym. You really feel as though it’s a special treat rather than a chore or a punishment to your body. Aside from the décor, the attention to detail with complimentary offerings of towels, changing room products and grooming tools, cold lavender scented face cloths (for cooling you down post workout…how posh!), pushes 1Rebel to the top of the leaderboard of first class gyms in London.


Ladies changing rooms (Photograph taken from 1Rebel website)

The gym works across 3 disciplines:

1: RIDE. We don’t spin. We Ride.’ Sounds pretty hardcore right? Well Ride is a full body workout on bikes, complete with in-house musicians and pyrotechnics. Someone suggest a better way of working out, because we can’t think of one!

2:RESHAPE. 45 minutes of pure intensity. It is designed to resculpt selected body parts. ‘Exertion that you never thought possible’. Not for the faint of heart then, obviously. Which is why we opted for this session and could barely string a sentence together midway through.

The class consisted as a mixture of HIIT on the treadmills, before quickly swapping with your counterpart and jumping onto the gym floor for sets using your own bodyweight and weighted exercises. It all gets very sweaty, this is where the complimentary towels come in came in handy. There is little rest throughout the workout, but the shouts of encouragement from the instructor makes you push through. Reshape is the class that forces you to have a word with yourself half way through, to keep your legs moving, engage your core and to squeeze out one more rep. But the feeling that follows after the class is well worth it. A real sense of accomplishment.

Check out SeekNPlay’s Instagram page for our initial reactions straight after the class. Spot the tomato face!

The Reshape Studio (Photograph taken from website)

3:RUMBLE. This is a high intensity interval session. Full of punching, kicking and generally burning off some steam with a punch bag. (next on the SeekNPlay to-do list).

Post workout- No time was wasted before smothering ourselves in all the goodies that fill the ladies changing rooms. Everything a girl could possibly need is available in a 1Rebel changing room; cleansers, toners, moisturisers, hairspray, deodorant, hair-dryers, GHDs and even an ironing board! The products are really handy especially if you are like us and always forget to pack something essential in your gym bag.

Affordability: A one-off class is £20 but the more sessions you buy, the more money you get off! Happy days right? A price-list can be found on their website.

Would we attend 1Rebel a couple of times a week? Probably not. We are not saying that the gym isn’t worth every penny, because it really is. We would be there everyday if we could afford to but it just isn’t in our budget. The location and cost attracts a certain ‘city’ clientele but don’t let this put you off. The staff are very welcoming and members are happy to chat about how much they love 1Rebel.  

Overall, we had a great time at 1Rebel and would recommend this boutique gym to anyone looking for a fitness challenge. We both left feeling worked, challenged and proud of ourselves, exactly want you want from a workout. We will be returning to 1Rebel in the future, but in the meantime we look forward to seeing them at  Be:Fit London in May. Tickets are on sale now!

Definitely try a class and don’t forget to tell us about it!

Y & B

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