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Honest Series

A break does not mean that you’re quitting…

May 24, 2017

We’ve been a little quiet recently haven’t we?! Although a break was definitely needed for the both of us we have missed our SeekNPlay lovechild and can confirm that we are back to our usual blogging selves!

‘I deleted Instagram and Twitter off my phone… it felt great.’ Yana

The two of us have faced challenges in our professional and personal lives recently and when a balance couldn’t be achieved we knew a step back was 100% necessary. Being busy seems to be fashionable in the bogging community (or maybe just who we follow) the pressure of always appearing to have so much fun on a daily basis as well as having a variety of exciting projects on the go at once. The use of social media seems like it’s at an all time high, with everyone quick to share photos and videos of their ‘amazing’ lives at a click of a button. Trying not to compare your life to others has been a struggle that we have faced on numerous occasions and will probably continue to experience. We aren’t the only ones that find it all exhausting at times, right?!

‘When I’m feeling low, social media is a no go zone, it always makes me feel worse.’ Beca

A little break gave us time to focus on getting other things in order (interesting blog posts coming your way!) and to remind ourselves of why we started the blog in the first place. We started SeekNPlay because we wanted somewhere to share our findings, thoughts and ideas. A place also to practice our creativity and inspire others to try things out, without fear. Once we started our blog, it opened up a lot of opportunities for us, all of which we are still very grateful for; new friends were made, new memories created and more hilarious stories added to our ever growing Yana and Beca collection.

After we ignored our blogger’s fear of being forgotten about we embraced the time out. It’s allowed us to step back and view things from afar before re-entering with fresh ideas, a renewed energy and positive approach. So if you’re spinning numerous plates like us and want to feel some control again, whether that being in a creative project, a relationship or even in your job, we urge you to step back. And breathe. It works trust us. A break does not mean that you’re quitting it’s an active way in taking back control of your life.

Thank you for reading.

Beca & Yana

Honest Series

Mindfulness & Self-Inquiry at Battersea Yoga

February 14, 2017

‘Mindfulness exercises are ways of paying attention to the present moment, using techniques like meditation, breathing, and yoga. Training helps people to become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and body sensations so that instead of being overwhelmed by them, they are better able to manage them. Practising mindfulness can give more insight into emotions, boost attention and concentration, and improve relationships.’  Mental Health Foundation 


Mindfulness is something that is very close to my heart at the moment. Maybe because it is the beginning of a new year which always makes me look at my life, especially at the things that I don’t like and want to change.

A promise that I made to myself for 2017 was to focus on mindfulness; to be present and to practice the art of quieting my mind from the tiring chatter. I have always suffered from anxiety and unnecessary worry since childhood, this I feel has stayed with me into adulthood. As I am approaching 30 this year, enough is enough, it is time that I do something about it to improve my wellbeing.

At the end of last year Yana and I were invited to attend the Mindfulness class at Battersea Yoga, we had a wonderful time meeting Angus, who leads the class, and experiencing the beauty of what this enchanting place has to offer. Running since 1999, the timetable is full of classes; from different styles of Yoga to Mindfulness and other workshops. Battersea Yoga also hold retreats out of London which are open to all, I am definitely tempted.

Alexmassage (175 of 1349)

To our delight we were invited back again to the class for a beat the January blues workshop. This couldn’t have come at a better time. The place was exactly as I remembered; warm and inviting, with the incredible smell of incense burning, yoga cushions marking out the circle of trust and the most heavenly biscuit tin circulating the room… I devoured 2 milk chocolate digestives!


The class lasts 75 minutes; starting with a self/group check in leading to a guided meditation and closing with a group discussion. (order varies) The meditation is key in this workshop, focusing on the breath and letting go off unwanted thoughts to assist quieting the mind.

Angus led the group effortlessly, offering valuable information that you can take away and think about. Something that Angus said which has stayed with me still, a noisy mind is exactly like a running tap that has been left on, it is highly wasteful.

After the class I felt as though I had just had a full body massage- my body and mind felt completely relaxed and more importantly, I felt present and in the moment.

I am so pleased to have been invited to Battersea Yoga, it honestly was the best introduction to practising mindfulness and meditation combined. I now understand why so many people who practice meditation praise it, as the rewards are life changing. My aim now is to practice it daily, I will keep you posted with my progress.

Battersea are offering unlimited classes for 10 consecutive days to new clients only at £25… madness not to try it.


Thank you for reading.

Beca xFor more information on Battersea Yoga;

Studio Address: 2 Kite Yard
Cambridge Road
London SW11 4TA

Honest Series

Lets All Check Our Boobies for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 17, 2016

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! and we are playing our part by continuing with the conversation.

Now, we don’t know about you, but we weren’t taught how to check our breasts at school. Every year nearly 60,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK, that’s the equivalent of one person every 10 minutes. 1 in 8 women in the UK will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. We can help drive that statistic down.

So here is a really useful website with everything you might need to know about your boobs,  and feel free to share the the link  to all your loved ones. The more people that are aware, the better! Everyone should know what to look out for.

If you would like to donate to the amazing work that Breast Cancer Now are doing, please click here:


Honest Series

Feeling guilty after eating a treat?

March 25, 2016

Nod your head if you have ever felt guilty after eating. I mean really guilty?

Let’s go back a couple years. I was becoming interested in health and fitness, and then the #cleaneating craze arrives. Complete with its distinct lack of anything sugary! Suddenly, social media was full of ripped torsos telling us that the only way to reach these results, was to eat clean. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty damn seductive. Brands were working hard to get us involved. Eat clean, get hot. Apparently.

Admittedly, I bought into these images. I was easily influenced, and honestly; a little bit insecure. So I believed that the only way to be healthy was to eat clean every single day, and that’s where the guilt began.

In my head a list of “good” and “bad” foods started growing, and I would always beat myself up when I caved in to something on the latter list. The problem was that a lot of “bad” foods make me feel really GOOD!  On the days that I did give in, I would bully myself about it and consider it a fail. This happened, constantly. But it only happened because I was restricting myself.

Our culture is dominated by food, and soon it began affecting every area of my life. I stopped looking forward to social occasions such as birthday parties, just because I knew that I would eat lots of yummy things and then spend the next day feeling bad about it. Which simply wasn’t healthy.

It took me a long time of constantly battling guilt to finally break the cycle and realise something; YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE FOR ENJOYING A TREAT. This is coming from the person with the largest sweet tooth in London. Enjoy them! Celebrate them! But then move on.


At this time of year, everyone deserves to enjoy treats guilt free!

The key to a healthy body is balance and moderation. This needs to be emphasised more often because a lot of people are more concerned with their aesthetic body more than their mental health. So, if you find yourself travelling around in cycles of guilt, it’s time to look after your mind as well. The question is, if you exercise regularly and eat well most of the time what’s so bad about treating yourself? Nothing.

Here are some tips for kicking guilts ass:

1: Write a food plan and work your little treats in sensibly. Include social occasions. Once you have them scheduled, you won’t be straying.

2: Give yourself the same advice that you would give to your best friend, you will be much kinder and rightly so.

3: The slice of birthday cake, the chocolate pudding at dinner or a lazy day takeaway. These are parts of LIVING. So let go of the guilt, and celebrate the treats that we are blessed to enjoy!

I’ve began combating the feelings of guilt by becoming more focused on my training. Learning to train and eat treats all in moderation. So once you see what your body is capable of, you can live your life to the fullest. Guilt free!

Yana x x x