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GymCube. Convenient fitness!

July 5, 2016

Gyms are constantly trying to find ways to make fitness more accessible, but what happens when you’re massively short on time? or your budget means no pricey gym membership?


Gym Cube offer a crazy amount of exclusive workouts, all streamed to your PC or smart phone. You can choose the duration and intensity of your workout, as well as the equipment you want to include. But don’t worry, hundreds of them require no equipment at all. Amongst the offering is HIIT, Strength training and Yoga, so there is something for everyone, no matter your fitness level.
As we all know, nutrition is just as important as exercise, and Gym Cube offer a full nutrition guide to accompany the workouts too. Meal plans and expert information give you extra support to hit your goals. The recipes have given us extra inspiration to work some magic in the kitchen.
Membership currently stands at £12.25 a month, so it’s is a world away from most gym costs. You just need to be discilplined enough to workout alone, which could possibly be the biggest hurdle. As we are indeed, self confessed gym class bunnies!
However, the challenge over the next month or so is to aim for 3 Gym Cube workouts a week, so we will keep you updated with our experience!

Polar A360 – Tried and Tested

June 19, 2016

Activity trackers. There are so many on the market now, that it’s hard to figure out which one is worth forking out for. You can read all the reviews and watch all the youtube videos you like, but there’s nothing quite like having an opportunity to experience it for yourself. So when Polar invited us to check out the A360, we wanted to see if it lived up to the hype!

We joined Polar at Third Space London. Truthfully, if heaven has a gym then Third Space is what it looks like. Our HIIT workout was lead by Davina McCall and her hilarious trainer Ed. We giggled our way through burpees, jumps and lunges whilst being able to monitor our performance on the watches.

Weeks later, we have been using the tracker every day and can honestly say it’s the best tracker that we’ve owned. What’s particularly motivating about the watch is that you can set yourself a goal based on your lifestyle and job. Which means if we have to walk to work instead of catching the bus to achieve the goal, so be it. It’s added motivation that pushes you the extra mile.

Things we love about the Polar A360:

  • The Sleep monitoring feature allows you to see just how much rest you are REALLY getting. Big reality check.
  • The heart rate monitor is built in, meaning no restrictive chest band.
  • Quick connection to Polar app, making monitoring your progress and workouts super easy.
  • Streamline and comfortable, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it.
  • It sends you a notification when you have been still for too long (Like it just did, writing this blog post!).
  • Calorie expenditure is easy to monitor, so if you want to add calories or create a deficit its a great tool.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Polar to anyone on the lookout for an activity tracker, its not just great for people involved in fitness but a great daily monitor too.


Sweaty but smiling!


Do you use an activity tracker? If so, what do you think of them?


P.S. All opinions are our own,and our honesty would never be compromised by freebies, money etc.

Power Plating at Good Vibes Studio Covent Garden

May 23, 2016

You know those funny looking, vibrating platform things that sit neglected at the gym? They’re called Power Plates and like many others, we had little idea of how to use them effectively.

Until recently! We were invited down to the Good Vibes studio in central London to get the low down on the machines that everyone needs to incorporate into their workouts.

The theme for the masterclass was: Running. How to warm-up, prep and recover efficiently. We were put in the safe hands of Steve Powell, a Power Plate guru who really knows his stuff.

Running Recovery 17

Steve the genius. Explaining the importance of mobilising the big toe. Who knew?!

So how can a Power Plate improve my running?

It increases activation, blood-flow and circulation in the muscles as the vibrations replicate the stimulus of the foot hitting the floor. It moves 25-50 times a second so it engages the muscles consistently and works you harder.

We began warming up our Plantar Facia, the underneath of our feet. Hello foot massage! Moving up through the body into a calf stretch. Steve reminds us of the importance of stretching three dimensionally (Give it a google, it’s hard to explain!) The fundamental thing is to stretch in the all directions your muscles will be moving, which are up/down, side to side and diagonally.

Now, all the stretches you can do yourself against a wall can be upgraded to the plate, which works magic to enhance them all. It was particularly effective for releasing tight hip flexors, which admittedly can be a result of poor posture.

Personally, we know that we can get neglect stretching after running or working out. We find ourselves holding stretches for the sake of it, just because it’s what we’ve been taught. Without knowing what the stretch does or without feeling any benefit so this class was a definite education in how to look after our bodies correctly.

Running Recovery 19

Stretching those glutes!

We ended the session with a calf massage, lying on the floor with our legs on the plate. It felt like a dream and was absolutely hilarious. Picture six ladies on the floor giggling like schoolgirls at the word ‘Vibrate’. The Good Vibes studio also offer a full body workout on the Power Plate, full of squats, crunches and lunges to help you tone and strengthen quickly. We are thinking of returning for this class, so if you want to come along just let us know!

Thank you Steve for putting up with the jokes! And to Good Vibes Studio for having us.


Good Vibes Studio

14-16 Betterton St







Best’s Bootcamp. The New Kid on the Block.

May 3, 2016

There’s a new boutique gym in town that’s ready to rival all the others, and it’s called Best’s Bootcamp. We were invited down to be among the first to try out the new bootcamp in Charing Cross and were very excited, that was until we heard the word ‘Treadmill’.

Since we began checking out new gyms, we seem to get lost en route quite often, some of the newer boutique gyms have limited signage but you can’t fail to notice Best’s. It dominates the area around it and if you pass by Embankment and Charing Cross on a regular basis then it’s in a great location for you as it’s a 5 minute walk from both stations.

There’s nothing but good vibes upon arrival as the staff are helpful and every one of them absolutely gorgeous. If you need motivation to work hard, all you have to do is look at one of them! The gym also welcomes guest DJ’s so there are fresh, new playlists every time you visit. There is also great attention to detail, lockers have built in phone chargers and the changing rooms are stocked full of Kiehls products. Not too shabby!

The workout was intense to say the very least. The group was split in half with the ‘Tread Army’ beginning on the treadmills and the ‘Worker Bees’ on the studio floor using the soft box for body-weight and also weighted exercises. Both teams alternated throughout the workout, so we got the perfect mix of cardio, and strength work. How MD Lee Drabble managed to organise all of us, is a skill to be admired! There were lots of avid marathon runners in the room (us not included), so the bar was raised on the treadmills and pride wouldn’t let our legs give up even through the struggle. Thankfully the treadmills have fans! Towards the end of the workout, we switched them into the downhill setting. Which at first, felt absolutely bizarre but great to fire up the legs for the last minute of sprinting!

The great thing about the workout is that you can constantly see what your supposed to be doing. ‘Trainer cam’ is a series of screens around that room that show a live feed of the trainer, helping you to check your technique and make the most of your 60 second bursts of exercise.

Bootcamp Training-162

After recovering from the workout with a smoothie, it was great to talk to the man behind the bootcamp. Scott Best has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the fitness industry, but he was still so open to receive feedback about his creation. He also speaks with such an honest passion and it’s obvious that Best’s will be stealing the crown from the top fitness hangouts in London. Thank you for having us, and thanks to Marcel Grabowski for the photographs.


Best’s Bootcamp offically launches on the 9th of May, so pop by or sign up to their mailing list for more updates.

Best’s Bootcamp
Level 1
1 Embankment Place, WC2N 6NN

Also, we mentioned that we were invited on this occasion. All opinions are our own, and we will always give them honestly. x x x