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Rock Climbing with West 1 @ The Seymour Leisure Centre

June 29, 2017

We have been saying to each other for about a year now how much we wanted to go rock climbing but never managed to get something in the diary. To our delight we were offered an opportunity to have a session at The West 1 Climbing Wall located in The Seymour Leisure centre.

Close to Edgware Road tube station and very easy to find, we were surprised how big the leisure centre is. A huge variety of activities are on offer to all ages; swimming, volley ball, badminton, squash, table tennis, as well as the gym facilities, the list goes on.

The climbing wall at Seymour has a total of 152 square metres of climbing surface; a higher wall of 13m and a smaller wall of 7m. Across the walls are a number of different routes to suit all abilities which are changed on a regular basis to keep it fresh for all climbers. There is also a dedicated bouldering area offering approximately 100 square metres of climbing surface, with straight, steep or overhanging routes. Yes overhanging, see picture below!


It wasn’t until we arrived at the wall and taking in the actual enormity of the climbing space did I (Beca) suddenly freak out, 13m is bloody high! I started to really doubt if I was actually going to be able to do this.

Our session was led by Mike who has been with the company for a long time. After grabbing a pair of climbing shoes, which are particularly narrow and uncomfortable, especially for us bigger footed ladies, we walked down to the bottom of the 7m wall to begin. The first step was to be taught how to put on our harnesses correctly, then came the attachment of the ropes. To overcome fear I (Beca) volunteered to go first, definitely a big step for me but I knew the longer I waited the anxiety would kick in. Slowly buy surely I managed to get to the top and walk myself back down triumphantly. Yana on the other hand bossed it up confidently and without hesitation… superwoman! We moved onto the 13m wall, the task was to only use the blue marks to climb up, definitely a challenge for the both of us but we succeeded! The feeling walking down after climbing to the top is incredible, the sense of achievement oozes out of you. Then we moved on to the bouldering wall…terrifying walking in there seeing people climbing up and with no ropes! Once again we smashed this, just shows you don’t let fear stop you just because it looks scary. Lesson Learnt.

Mike was incredible; he was so encouraging and clearly knew his stuff, which made us feel instantly in safe hands! The amount of passion Mike has for climbing and also for the company was wonderful too be around. When either of us looked nervous or hesitant to continue climbing he would shout up quoting, ‘This girl can’, the tagline of nationwide campaign which aims to encourage all women and girls moving eliminating all judgement. His support and belief in us to succeed was truly amazing, thank you Mike!

The majority of people climbing were male. Climbing is quite a male dominated industry,  but after sharing a few pics of our experience on social media we began receiving so many messages from women asking for more details and wanting to attend themselves. This response alone is exactly why we set up SeekNPlay.

There is no other sport that I (Beca) have felt so much achievement from doing. I really surprised myself with how well I did overcoming the initial fear of being off the ground and up a vertical wall. During the session neither of us realised how hard our bodies were working until after the class…wow! We felt every muscle tighten, muscles we didn’t know we had. That’s what we call a full body workout!







Anyone who suffers from confidence issues this would be a perfect sport to try out. You have to really trust and believe in yourself that you will make that next mark and be able to have the inner strength to pull yourself up. What’s stopping you? Try out the class with Mike immediately. If you have no one to go with, drop us a message and we would be happy to come along too! #thisgirlcan

For more details visit their website or call 0333 005 0416, option 4

Thank you for reading!

B & Y


I quit the gym!

January 22, 2017

Yep, you heard it. I was bored. I can’t quite put my finger on why but like a relationship that has turned sour, the spark has just disappeared. Gym sessions used to be the highlight of my week, they would be scheduled into my diary like date nights. When the boredom started to appear, I tried desperately to shake it up a bit by re-inventing my routine in the hope that something would work. From attending classes to trying the leg day/shoulder day/bum day format. Nothing worked, it just wasn’t fun anymore.

So I broke up with the gym (and my boyfriend but that’s a story for a different day), and the search began. Singledom didn’t last very long as I was lucky enough to discover Swift Fitness. A bootcamp class that utilises some of the lovely outdoor spaces that London has to offer.

The word ‘Bootcamp’ usually makes people think of military style, brutal workouts but this isn’t the case with Swift. They’ve injected the fun back into it and of course it’s tough, but I have never had so much fun whilst working out. Using body-weight and working in pairs for strength work, the 45 minuite-1 hour classes burns on average 600 calories. However, the endorphin high at the end makes it all worth it.

The bootcamps like I said, take place all over London. The location closest to me is Clapham Common where Wireless Bootcamps are the most popular. Think silent disco, you wear headphones linked to your instructors microphone and a banging playlist. Which is great for getting you in the zone and working your hardest!

Be prepared to get muddy!

Be prepared to get muddy!


I spoke to another girl who attends, and she made a very good point. Lots of us don’t spend enough time outdoors. Unfortunately, sometimes the most fresh air I get is the walk to the tube station on my morning commute! I’m a natural nature lover, so it’s refreshing to be out in the open with mud on my hands and the occasional leaf in my hair! A far cry from the confines of a crowded gym and so far, I’m loving it.

So if you’ve been stuck in a rut like I was, stay positive and adjust until you find the fun again.

Yana x x x x


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Be your Best this Xmas with BESTCycle.

December 15, 2016

The Xmas countdown has officially started (cheers). This month has already been jam packed with Xmas parties and get-togethers; involving a lot of food and even more alcohol! But before allowing all my hard work over the year to go to pot, working out has never been more of a main priority. If you’re looking for a workout this Xmas look no further than BESTCycle®.


There’s one thing attending a launch of a new class and there’s another trying it out as a regular paying punter. Taking away the excitement & sparkles from the launch which was back in Sept, I went to test if this gym is what it claims to be, a few month on.

BEST’SBootcamp, located between Embankment and Charing Cross station, started earlier this year with their signature Bootcamp, a no-messing circuit class. Yana has done this workout a few times and speaks highly of this new gym (follow this link to read Yana’s experience). I was excited to hear of their new class BESTCycle® and even more thrilled for SeekNPlay to be invited to the launch.

The cycle room feels dark and intimate with 20 bikes facing the full length mirrors that run across the wall. The lights and sound system are insane, perfect for transporting you away from the outside world and to getting you into the zone.

The Studio

The Studio

The class was led by Abi, who also took the class for the launch. Once again she gave it her all and refused to let anyone fall behind. Consistently leading the class whilst working herself just as hard. The sweaty 45 minutes went so quickly even though there were moments when I thoughtthat my legs were going to give up. Your legs aren’t the only ones to be worked, you pick up a few weights at the beginning of the class which come out mid way through to start an arm workout. Killer.

The class was concluded with being given a wonderful lavender scented frozen flannel for an instant cool. This was very much needed to calm my tomato face.


The weights in action

Bests has got to be the friendliest boutique gym by far. You receive warm greetings from the staff who are willing to help you with checking in and showing you where everything is. They have achieved exactly what they aim to be -‘friendliest community in the capital’(a quote from their website). Which is probably the reason why clients keep returning.


I can confirm that this class is still awesome and worth the money  AND to make it even better for Xmas, Best are running all their classes at £12! Thank you BESTmas!

Thank you for reading.

Beca x




Bootcamp Pilates- The new Shoreditch Studio

November 20, 2016

Our first wonderful introduction to Bootcamp Pilates

Many venues make up the Bootcamp Pilates family, and we were invited down to the studio in Shoreditch to be put through our paces. Yana first tried Reformer Pilates at the beginning of the year, but Beca was attending as an absolute beginner; eager to see why so many of bloggers rave  about it. Looking around at the group, it was obvious that many people had done it before.

The Shoreditch studio is small and intimate. Fitting just 9 reformers this allows the instructor to work with each student, ensuring the correct form and technique is being practised. Both of us loved this as the class feel was very personal and easy to follow the progression from exercise to exercise.



Now if you have never heard of Reformer Pilates, here’s a quick history! Rather than mats, Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes involve exercising on Reformer machines- based on a century-old invention by Joseph Pilates himself. Imprisoned in a First World War camp, Mr Pilates wanted to help bedridden fellow inmates to keep their muscles moving and to stop them wasting away. Using patients’ hospital beds and bedsprings, plus any materials he could lay his hands on, he created a clever system of springs, straps and pulleys – enabling resistance exercise while lying down.  At first the reformer can look slightly intimidating, resembling more like a torture bed rather than something to assist a workout. But we were assured that if we got stuck, help was close by.

Lucy (who is an amazing teacher), guided the class through the workout confidently which made us feel instantly at ease.Working through the whole body,engaging the core and balance, we found our strength was majorly tested. Reformer Pilates is the kind of workout that calls on every muscle within, especially upon the ones you never knew you had. The class moves fluidly from exercise to exercise, each time changing the springs to alter the resistance level accordingly. One us did cause a crash, bang, wollop by falling off, but can you guess who? Keep reading to find out.

“Although falling off and creating a loud crash (see photo that captured the delightful moment). I got back up and continued on. Lucy was kind enough to quietly check in to make sure I was ok, which was really appreciated. Despite the fall, I think I’ve found my favourite workout so far. Apart from the fact that every muscle in my body felt worked, it was a challenge that felt amazing to achieve. I never thought I had the strength to achieve a push up on the Reformer whilst keeping one leg raised in the air, I do now. ” Beca


Apart from Shoreditch, Bootcamp Pilates also have studios in Notting Hill, Fulham, Richmond and Windsor. We have already planned our next visit but to the Fulham Studio as it is the closest to us. They’ve got a pretty sweet deal for new clients too.



Bootcamp Pilates really can offer you that ultimate workout and taken from their website, we also believe that… ‘it’s simply the best, fastest and safest way to transform your posture, strength and shape.’

Thank you for reading.

B & Y