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The Good Life…Eat Your Way Through it

March 17, 2016

What better way to remedy a Saturday night hangover than a Sunday morning brunch trip?

The Good Life Eatery was the best place to re-nourish our bodies after a few too many large glasses of wine and to clear our conscience too. The night ended with a little trip to a chicken shop… begins with K and ends with C. Oops!

Healthy eating joints are popping up all over London as the health and wellness industry continues to boom. The girls behind The Good Life Eatery are taking full advantage of this #cleaneating craze and who can blame them. Yasmine and Shirin only founded The Good Life Eatery 3 years ago, the same number of restaurants they now own. This speaks passion and entrepreneurial drive. We have no doubt that more of their healthy havens will be popping up all over London.

The Eatery is so popular, the long queue of people standing outside proves this, but keep an eye out or you’ll walk straight past it. The cafe is welcoming and unpretentious, but fits nicely into its surroundings of the sophisticated SW3 area.  The window is full of yummy looking treats (mostly gluten free) spoiling you for choice. However, The Good Life Eatery (Sloane Avenue, Chelsea) is quite small, so be prepared to wait for a table if you’re planning to eat in.


See the Queue – The Good Life Eatery – Sloane Avenue

Looking at the menu, you are totally spoilt for choice. We found ourselves scanning the big black boards over and over trying to decide what delicious delights to choose. Dishes are diverse and range from protein-rich smoothies, baked goods, sandwiches and superfood salads.


Hard at Work- The Good Life Eatery- Sloane Avenue

Like two little girls in a sweet shop, we waited eagerly for our food to arrive. The time was filled sipping on our smoothie and juice drinks. Both tasted rather heavenly.


The Chosen Ones!

Yana liberated her sweet tooth and went for the Almond and Chestnut Waffles, with Banana Mash and Chia Jam. To drink, the Choc Norris, with Raw Cacao, Almond Butter, Avocado, Banana and Almond Milk, was an obvious choice. They went down an absolute treat, in 60 seconds to be precise!

Yana’s thoughts: My eyes are bigger than my belly. Which I’m always bitter about, especially when I spend, what I consider a lot of money on breakfast. I’ll definitely order the waffles again, a large hearty portion is the key to my heart and I love the way the almonds were incorporated into the recipe. Also, I would eat the chia jam out of the jar if I could. Recipe please!

Overall rating: Waffles 9/10 Smoothie 9/10


Yana’s Choice: Choc Norris + Chestnut and Almond Waffles

After much umming and arring, Beca finally decided on the Rise and Shine granola bowl with; Chia Seed Pudding, Home-made Granola, Almond-Hazelnut Butter, Strawberry, Banana and Cranberry Powder (gluten free and dairy free). If that wasn’t enough the Spelt and Quinoa Scone was thrown in there and to wash it down, a Dr Green Love juice, with Spinach, Kale, Green Apple and Coconut.

Beca’s thoughts: Rise and Shine was well presented and pleasing to the eye. I thoroughly enjoyed the top layer with the variety of flavours but felt a little disappointed to discover that the chia pudding dominated the bowl. Definitely not enough granola or fruit given. Being a massive scone lover I had to try The Good Eatery’s Spelt and Quinoa recipe… bellissimo! Will be having that again. 

Overall Rating: Rise and Shine 5/10, Spelt and Quinoa Scone 8/10, Green Juice 9/10


Beca’s Choice: Dr Green Love + Rise and Shine

The chef definitely doesn’t scrimp on the portion sizes, but don’t worry about leaving the goodness behind. Just ask for a doggy bag! 

You might find the bill a little pricey, especially if you are just grabbing a quick bite to eat. We managed to spend around £13 each. The smoothies ring in at £6 a pop, but bearing in mind the location and quality of food, we let it slide.


Peanut Butter Cups- Organic Peanut Butter, Spelt, Cocoa, Non-Hydrogenated Sunflower Spread

In all, we had a splendid experience at The Good Life Eatery, teaching us that there are better ways to remedy a hangover than a greasy spoon cafe! After all the food and smoothie/juices consumed we were still able to fit in a Peanut Butter Cupcake each. These little gems are rich and satisfying, and a must try if you fancy visiting The Good Life Eatery. We shall be returning!

If you’ve been let us know your thoughts.

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