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Singhs. An Indian Treasure in the Midlands.

December 4, 2016

Who else orders excatly the same thing, every time they have an Indian? It can’t be just me! So when I was invited to Singhs in Nottingham, I had no excuse not to experiment.

The restaurant ran by Mr Singh and his sons Lakh and Kieran is newly renovated. According to those who have visited previously, it’s undergone a quite the transformation. The colours are vivid and rich, the lights dimmed and the waiters are in traditional dress.  The decor isn’t the only thing that has seen a change, the menu has been switched up too.  It’s varied and diverse, with a lengthy selection for vegetarians.

img_4228-edited img_4230

So first up were the appetisers. Traditional onion bhaji, Tandooried cod loin and Taranga Chicken Tikkia. The definite favourite was the Bhakra Champ (Lamb chops), the chops are sourced from Shropshire and the recipe being Mr Singhs secret! The meat is cooked to absolute perfection in every dish,  I wish I could cook!

For me, the main course winner at  Singhs is the Kashmiri Karahi Chicken. Also known as, the proper korma. If you’re a fan of the usual Korma, this one is head and shoulders above it. It’s finished with red bell peppers and onions to give it a kick. All the main dishes, have been given a twist which makes them unique to the restaurant. You feel so confident about trying something new because Lakh and Kieran both know lots about the history of the foods and can recommend beverages that compliment the food well. It’s truly cared about. They even use their Grandmas recipe in one of the curries!

If you would like to learn more of the restaurant or would like to book a reservation, click here.

Yana x x


Market St, Nottingham NG1 6HW, UK


Filling up at The Ripe Kitchen

August 6, 2016

We love being recommended great places to eat, gems are hidden all over London and it’s almost impossible to keep up with them all! Our friend Andrew is always shooting must-visit places to us. Quite literally a walking encyclopedia of eateries in London!

We were attending a workout on Primrose Hill at noon, and were at a loss of what to do beforehand. So we settled with the most obvious option, brunch. One little spot that Andrew had recommended was nearby, so we had no excuse but to fill our boots.

Tucked away on Regents Park Road, (cue massive property envy) is the Ripe Kitchen. Surrounded by rows of beautiful houses and small independent shops, we visited on a slow Sunday morning when only a few people (and some pretty cute dogs) strolled the colourful street.

The cafe itself is quite small and quaint. However as the sun had his hat on, we decided to sit outside and enjoy. One thing we were happy to learn about the Ripe Kitchen, is that most ingredients are sourced locally. The freshly baked bread comes from North-West London, and the coffee beans are roasted in the East.

The menu though small, is inclusive of most dietary requirements. Accommodating for vegans, gluten free and dairy free without compromising on taste. The salads and sandwiches looked lovely, but we both went for the build-your-own breakfast. You choose a base, such as chia pudding, yogurt or porridge, and add toppings as you please.

Beca enjoyed her greek yogurt, with acai berry jam, granola and blueberries. She also chose a spinach muffin. It was quite dry and bland, so maybe spinach just doesn’t go well in a muffin. Worth a try at least! I threw banana and granola over a big bowl of porridge. Fear not all the big eaters out there, you won’t be disappointed by the portion sizes. For once, I couldn’t finish my food!

The Ripe Kitchen is pleasant, but I wouldn’t say that it’s memorable. It’s a safe choice, but unfortunately there’s nothing on the menu that makes you rush to make your order. Saying that, we can only speak on behalf of the breakfast menu and will pop by for lunch too. Our brunch came to just under £20 for two of us, which was way less than I had expected considering the location and the quality of the ingredients.


It’s ideal for a quick, convenient stop in a beautiful, faultless location. If you decide to visit the Ripe Kitchen, definitely team it with a visit to Primrose Hill. Climb to the top and enjoy the beautiful view of London. With a full, contented tummy of course.

Yana x x

136 Regents Park Road
Primrose Hill
NW1 8Xl



Joined the Tribe of Nourishment @ Wild Food Cafe…

August 4, 2016

You may have seen numerous Instagram posts of colourful healthy dishes or photographs of a brick building with brightly coloured window frames with the hashtag Wild Food Cafe. We certainly have. Since walking past this building a year ago and adding it to my list of places to try, and of course from all social media hype, a visit was long overdue. So I decided to nourish my body with goodness and take a trip to this raw and wholefood veggie cafe.

As Yana was rehearsing for an upcoming show, I went along with Danielle our lovely housemate who is vegetarian… so a perfect match for the Wild Food Cafe in my eyes!


Recognise this building? The colours are popping!

Wild Food Cafe is located in the peaceful, healthy haven that is Neal’s Yard, one of Covent Gardens secret gems, home to Neal’s Yard Remedies and other small businesses. Many people are unaware that this place exists unless stumbling across it when walking around the little streets in Seven Dials. Stepping in to the yard feels like and instant escape from London’s crazy hustle and bustle, a place where you can clear your mind and forget you are standing in a city of 8.7 million people.

The Wild Food Cafe is here to promote aliveness and embody a world in which plant-passionate, nutrient-packed food that is prepared and served with love is not only possible,  it is necessary! 

We arrived at a perfect time of 5.30 pm, being able to walk straight through the big blue door, up the stairs and seated comfortably at one of their communal tables without having to queue. Which I’ve heard is rare.


A sunny day allowed for all the window to be open allowing a picturesque view of the Yard below.

Although a fairly small venue, there was a great atmosphere of lively chatter and enjoyment of the food. The staff had a major role in this, with their positive attitudes and willingness to answer questions about the menu.


The Glowing Menu

After skimming over the mouth-watering menu several times, we finally ordered. It didn’t take long for our drinks to come out.

I went for the Forgotten Ecstasy: Summer Edition (£7) Acai berries, blueberries, lavender with raw cacao powder, cacoa butter, fresh coconut milk, dates, he-shou-wou extract, maca, algarroba, coconut cream and maple syrup. Wow what a concoction hey… many of these ingredients I have never heard of before, cue the research. Forgotten Ecstasy was rich and filling but in a good way, the strong chocolate taste with a subtle hint of berries and lavender is a winner from me and something I will get again on my next visit.

Danielle went for the Make Your Own juice (£6) Apple, Pear and Cucumber fresh and simple tasting but apparently delicious.


Drinks: Make Your Own Juice (left) & Forgotten Ecstasy: Summer Edition (right)

Now for the best part… the mains!


Indian Split Pea & Superseed Bread

The gorgeous Danielle devoured the Indian Split Pea Soup & Superseed Bread (£7), the flavour of the day, this is suggested as a starter but is more than enough to have as a main. After much begging Dani allowed me to have a taste, not a major soup fan, this was perfection and wouldn’t ordering this on my next visit.


#TGBOAT = The Greatest Burger of All Time & Creamy Cashew Aioli


So pleased I went for the #TGBOAT , the price not so much at a whopping £16.70. I added the Cashew Aioli for an extra £2, not worth it, but I will let it slide. The meal was just what I needed. The root vegetable jerk burger , and lots of other ingredients, was an explosion of flavoursome ingredients and far better than any meaty burger I have ever had… big statement but it’s true. Normally I am one to eat everything off a menu, after my drink and main I had to admit defeat as I could not fit in another crumb. It is safe to say that you won’t leave the table feeling hungry!


The food and overall experience was hands down spot on. The only thing that would stop me visiting weekly would be the price tag, but it is understandable considering how they source the natural produce and keep to the promise of everything being completely fresh.

Joel and Aiste, the owners, have certainly poured their heart and soul into making the Wild Food Cafe such a success. Their love to encourage healthy eating and passion of promoting the endless possibilities of creating so many wonderful plant based dishes.

All I can say is visit the Wild Food Cafe and see what you think.It has not only opened my eyes to trying out different produce but it has also inspired me to look at more vegetarian recipes. I am already planning my next trip and this time I will make room for pudding…the Raw Chocolate Tart is calling my name !

Thanks for reading.

Beca x



Wild Food Cafe

14 Neal’s Yard

London WC2H 9DP

Opening Hours: Mon 12-5pm, Tue-Sat 12-10pm, Sun 12-7pm




Creative Planning & Eating at Hally’s

April 26, 2016

We’re facing a busy week here at the SeekNPlay camp, so we thought we would visit a new hangout joint whilst plotting and planning. Beca suggested that we check out Hally’s in Parsons Green after noticing them on social media so off we trotted for a late lunch.


Hally’s Bar

Hally’s has a really relaxed vibe, with exposed brick-work and reclaimed wood, it is bang on trend. With the owners being inspired by their road trip around California, their focus is set on sourcing great fresh food and being bold with flavours. We also heard they do cake, perfect.

If you are like us and you get excited by the prospect of food and enjoy checking out the menu beforehand, then prepare for it to be different upon arrival. We learnt that the menu changes every week! Great if you are local to the area but we had picked some splendid dishes beforehand, only to find that they weren’t included on the menu that day. Cue a rethink! However, the menu is hugely varied, something delicious will scream out at you. Colourful salads to big juicy burgers means that Hally’s is suitable for whatever type of day you’re having, and whoever you want to take along. Everyone is catered for!

A toasted bagel with Dorset crab and Avocado was Yana’s choosing. Offering the perfect combination of healthy fats, proteins and carbs to refuel after a run earlier in the day. Beca went for, the Rosemary & lemon grilled chicken sandwich, with avocado, caramelised onion, rocket, adding the halloumi as a side. Both of our portions were enormous in true American style. Although Beca struggled with her grilled chicken sandwich, Yana wasn’t going to lose a battle to a bagel. No matter the size of your main, there’s always room for cake! This undoubtedly became the best bit about Hally’s. The Raspberry and white chocolate brownie was a definite winner.


The Day’s Menu & The Mouthwatering Brownie

Yana’s thoughts: As a massive fan of seafood, I usually expect the portion to be quite small due to the price it usually costs. However, I was happy to see how generous the portions are! If you know you might want a little privacy whilst dining, ask for a single table. Else you’ll be seated at a lengthy canteen-style table. We didn’t have a problem with that, but a heads up if you’re sharing secrets with a girlfriend.



Beca’s thoughts: Hally’s is extremely chilled surprisingly how busy it was when we arrived. I enjoyed my grilled chicken sandwich, however I felt there could have been a smidge more caramelised onions as it was verging on the dry side. The Halloumi sticks… these were amazing, could have ordered another round. Being a massive brownie fan, I have high standards, Hally’s Raspberry and white chocolate brownie has got to be one of the best I have tried. Rich, moist (hate that word but it was) and flavoursome. There I’ve said it… I guess you’re just going to have to check it out for yourself and see if you agree!

If you’re in the area, give Hally’s a visit and let us know what you think.

B & Y x x x


60 New Kings Road