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What self-love means to us.

February 15, 2017

We’ve both been learning a lot about self-love recently, of rediscovering the importance of ‘me time’. Everyone has different ways of relaxing and giving themselves a break so we thought we would share our ideas with you!


Self-love to me is not something that you can buy, like treating yourself to a new top, it is more than that. I believe that there are many different factors that help assist you appreciating you. This is not always giving yourself want you want, instead giving yourself want you need; good food to nourish your body, enough sleep to re-charge your batteries and exercise, the power of exercise is endless!

Mindfulness also plays a big part of self love, like we have found out recently- read our blog on our experiences attending a Mindfulness Class.

Something that I need to do more of is acknowledging and accepting how I am feeling, whether that being from something that has affected me or just on a daily basis. We live in a busy world which can move quite quickly distracting us from taking time out for ourselves to stop and check in. On many occasions in the past I have ignored how I have been feeling up until  the point where my body says no more and shuts down.

Some people set their goals to saying yes to things more, I am the opposite, I need to say no to things that I know will stretch me thin and not to feel guilty in saying no.  This leads to my next ingredient to self-love, forgiveness;  if a mistake is made or if I get something wrong not to be too hard on myself. Shit happens!

I need to continue practicing the points that I have made above and not to let them slide. Self-love is one of the most important things that you can do in life. Once you appreciate you, everything will fall into place; you attract better people around and your overall well-being improves circulating back round to a better way of life.


Self-love to  to me, means listening to exactly what I need in that moment. It took me a long time to listen to that voice, and I learnt the hard way that looking after your mind is just as crucial as looking after your body. Some days, it could could be a quick 15 minute dance around my room. Others, I need to pop on a face mask and meditate, or head to the pub with some friends. I’m also trying to get into the habit of buying myself flowers! Not even expensive ones, Sainsburys have Daffodils for £1.20 right now and they really brighten up the day.

Practicing daily affirmations has changed my mindset hugely. It’s a useful reminder of all the things to be grateful for, which repels unnecessary negative thoughts that are so easy to let in. For example; on days I feel bloated and unattractive, I give thanks for a body that is strong and able to carry me through the world.  Beca said it perfectly, the effort you put into self love really will come back to you in lots of brilliant ways.

What’s your favourite way of practicing self-love?


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Be your Best this Xmas with BESTCycle.

December 15, 2016

The Xmas countdown has officially started (cheers). This month has already been jam packed with Xmas parties and get-togethers; involving a lot of food and even more alcohol! But before allowing all my hard work over the year to go to pot, working out has never been more of a main priority. If you’re looking for a workout this Xmas look no further than BESTCycle®.


There’s one thing attending a launch of a new class and there’s another trying it out as a regular paying punter. Taking away the excitement & sparkles from the launch which was back in Sept, I went to test if this gym is what it claims to be, a few month on.

BEST’SBootcamp, located between Embankment and Charing Cross station, started earlier this year with their signature Bootcamp, a no-messing circuit class. Yana has done this workout a few times and speaks highly of this new gym (follow this link to read Yana’s experience). I was excited to hear of their new class BESTCycle® and even more thrilled for SeekNPlay to be invited to the launch.

The cycle room feels dark and intimate with 20 bikes facing the full length mirrors that run across the wall. The lights and sound system are insane, perfect for transporting you away from the outside world and to getting you into the zone.

The Studio

The Studio

The class was led by Abi, who also took the class for the launch. Once again she gave it her all and refused to let anyone fall behind. Consistently leading the class whilst working herself just as hard. The sweaty 45 minutes went so quickly even though there were moments when I thoughtthat my legs were going to give up. Your legs aren’t the only ones to be worked, you pick up a few weights at the beginning of the class which come out mid way through to start an arm workout. Killer.

The class was concluded with being given a wonderful lavender scented frozen flannel for an instant cool. This was very much needed to calm my tomato face.


The weights in action

Bests has got to be the friendliest boutique gym by far. You receive warm greetings from the staff who are willing to help you with checking in and showing you where everything is. They have achieved exactly what they aim to be -‘friendliest community in the capital’(a quote from their website). Which is probably the reason why clients keep returning.


I can confirm that this class is still awesome and worth the money  AND to make it even better for Xmas, Best are running all their classes at £12! Thank you BESTmas!

Thank you for reading.

Beca x